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Join Stickon.xyz’s Artist Collaborations and see your art come to life on a wide range of customizable products. It’s simple, rewarding, and you start right away.


Create what you’re passionate about and connect with customers who treasure it just as much as you do. With Stickon.xyz reaching all corners of Bangladesh and beyond, your art finds a home across the globe.

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How Stickon.xyz Elevates Your Art

  • Upload Your Designs: Easily add your artwork to our diverse product range in your exclusive artist shop.
  • Find Your Fans: Customers discover and purchase their favorite items adorned with your art.
  • Print and Ship Worldwide: Each purchase is crafted on-demand and delivered anywhere, from Dhaka to Toronto soon.
  • Earn and Be Recognized: For every sale, you earn a commission, and customers enjoy unique products that speak volumes.
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Your Art, Across an Array of Products

From sleek phone cases to trendy t-shirts, your designs gain exposure on over 10 unique, high-quality items. Our print-on-demand approach minimizes waste, contributing to a greener planet.

Thrive Among the Best

Stickon.xyz cherishes its artists – the vibrant core of our marketplace. Whether a seasoned professional, a dedicated hobbyist, or an enthusiastic fan, there’s a place for you here. Meet some of our thriving artists!


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